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30 August 2014 – Rishi Panchami Day

Get the Virtues of Rishis

The speciality of any culture is the philosophy behind it. Those who explain this philosophy are referred to as learned men and they guide the persons who follow their preaching. The Indian culture is one of the oldest cultures in this world whose philosophy is influenced by the guidance of great Rishis and great incarnations like Krishna, Ram, Buddha etc.

The Indian philosophy believes in rebirth and Lord Krishna explained about rebirth in Gita. He referred this human body as a cloth and said that as we change the cloth when it gets old and diseased; the soul leaves this body and takes in new form. It is also mentioned in Gita that as we go through various phases of life like childhood, youth, old age etc. this soul also goes through one body to another.

The main philosophy of Indian philosophers is that they have considered this world to be full of sufferings. A man’s mind and soul is always tortured by old age, diseases, debt and fear of something happening wrong to him. Even Lord Buddha mentioned that this human life is full of sufferings and pains. The only way to get free of all these worldly troubles is to perform this Sadhana.

A person can be called great if he possess these five virtues:
1.       He remains healthy and is free of any tensions.
2.       His voice is attractive and has wisdom. Whosoever listens to his voice can’t refuse his proposal.
3.       He possesses a magnetic personality.
4.       He has achieved success in whichever field he chooses.
5.       He has the capability to live both materialistic and ascetic life.

If a person possesses all these five virtues then only he can be classified as a human being else there is no difference between him and an animal. For the benefit of the society, our ancient Rishis have selected one auspicious day and created a Sadhana which can inscribe all these virtues in a person and help him become a true human being if tried on this day.

Sadhana Articles – Sapta Rishi Yantra, Rishi Gutika and White Hakeek Rosary

Sadhana Procedure – Get up early at 4 am and take a bath. Wear white cloth and sit on a white mat facing North. Then take a wooden plank and cover it with a white cloth. Place a picture of Sadgurudev and worship it. Pray to Him for getting success in this Sadhana. Now place Sapta Risha Yantra on it and offer rice, flower, saffron on it. Light a Ghee lamp and an incense stick. Chant the following Mantra taking a flower in your hand and offer it to the Yantra by putting it in front of the Yantra.

Mantra – Om Hreem Brahmatva Siddhim Chaitanyam Shreem Om
                 ॐ ह्रीं ब्रह्मत्व सिद्धिं चैतन्यं श्रीं ॐ

Now place the Rishi Gutika in front of the Yantra and also worship it. Now chant five rounds of the following mantra with the white Hakeek Rosary.

Mantra – Om Shreem Hreem Sapta Rishibhyo BrahmaVarchasvam Dhaarayei Hreem Shreem Om
                 ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं सप्त ऋषिभ्यो ब्रह्मवर्चस्वं धारयै ह्रीं श्रीं ॐ

This is a one day Sadhana. Keep the Sadhana article in your worship place for next seven days. Daily chant the above mentioned mantra for 51 times in the morning. Tie all the Sadhana articles in a white cloth and drop it in a river on eighth day. Soon you will start to notice the transformations in your life and you will feel more energetic and divinely blessed.

Sadhana Articles: Rs. 350/-

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(from Pracheen Mantra Yantra Vigyan Monthly Magazine, August 2014 Issue pp. 72)


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