Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chhinnmasta Narayan Siddhashram Shakti Sadhana Shivir - Laukaha (Madhubani), Bihar

Date: 21-22 May, 2013

Venue: High Middle School Premises, Laukaha (Madhubani), Bihar

Organizers: Laukaha (Madhubani) - Gagan Dev 9472807970, 9771473013, Krityanarayan 8873678066, Kapileshwar Yadav 9973031501, Saroj Singh 9576289702, Hari Narayan 9006358538, Lal Babu Saha 9973013364, Surya Prasad Yadav 9934626849, Pramod Jaiswal 9934093939, Vaidyanath Jha 9934835271, Mahendra Dutta 9708447710, Shivchandra Prasad 9430414445, Nagendra Gupta, Sacchidanand Das, Dharmdev Yadav 9162584743, Rajinder Yadav 9939437563, Vaidyanath Prasad, Chandreshwar Pal, Paramanand Singh 9934835340, Devnarayan Das, Lakshmi Prasad, Lalan Kumar, Krishna Kumar, Ram Ashish Prasad, Ganga Ram, Kusheshwar Nayak, Vraj Nandan Gupta, Virendra Goit, Bindheshwar Kamat, Bhola Prasad Saha, Surya Narayan Yadav, Krishna Dev Thakur, Lakshmikant Jha, Indra Mohan Yadav, Nagendra Prasad Yadav, Narayan Yadav, Shatrughan Yadav 9162327591, Visveshwar Thakur 9546032055, Madhubani - Rajinder Lal  Karn 9471649807, Bhupendra Singh, Darbhanga - Upnand Yadav 9534798383, Dilip Yadav 91356676653, Shankar Chaudhary 94716497906, Manoj Kumar Karn 9708944910, Shyam Paswan 9334312523, Kalaunjer - Santosh Kumar 7209526116, Vidupur - A.K. Singh 9934850160, Uma Shankar Singh 9934720924, Vineet Kumar, Murari Singh 9430677284, Patna - J.N. Rai 9308826556, Banke Bihari Singh, Karhan - Raghuvir Singh 9573191110, Fusro - Bhagwan Das 9934117533, Dhaneshwar Singh 9955628392, Sohastra Nikhil 9546639846, Jai Prakash Singh 8969984153, Katrasgarh - J.P. Singh 9470596486, Dhanbad - P.R. Taah 9431730663, Arun Singh 9431731522, Vishnugarh - S.N. Lal, Dhaneshwar Nikhil 9631520585, Rajrappa - K.D. Prasad 9835019948, Nina Devi 9835767850, Koderma - Rajkumar 9431505508, Roopnarayanpur - Naman Pathak 9471554935, Mihijam - Rajesh Ojha 9749543152, Shankar Chaudhary 9433313004, Rajinder Saha 9304014743, Tatanagar - Ravinder Singh 9333975725, Abhay Verma 9835563288, Ghat Shila - Smt. Dalbir Kaur 9570167849, Asansol - Ratan Saav Swarnakar 9832914977, Kolkata - Satyadev Pandey 9831146998, Anand Mishra 8013499698, Amit Singh, Dhriv Kumar 9830141029, Nepal - Virat Nagar - Vishal Pandey 9779724146668, Damodar Suvedi, Rajesh Thakur 9779842034558, Rangoli - Bhagwat Rajvanshi, Ashok Rajvanshi 9779724146668, Vishnu Rajvanshi, Narender Das 9779842832621, Mahesh Thakur 9779842810619, Prabhas Yadav, Nand Kishore Jha 9779807759923, Tomesh Jha 9846768247, Phulgaind Nayak 97775521113, Ghanshyam Thakur, Chandreshwar Yadav, Shanti Mandal, Rajiv Karn

Friday, May 17, 2013

Baglamukhi Sadhana - Gurudham Jodhpur

Dates: 17, 18, 19 May 2013

Address: Pracheen Mantra Yantra Vigyan
1-C, Panchavati Colony,
In Front of N.C.C. Ground,
Ratananda, Jodhpur - 342011 (Rajasthan)



Monday, May 13, 2013

Tanaav Mukti Sadhana – No More Tension

Tension, worry, anxiety, high stung nerves, migraine and exploding blood pressure have become bywords for what we call the modern, jet age. In fact so vicious is the grip of our worries that one is not able to save even a few moments for laughter and joy from one’s daily schedule. Most of the time and energy of every human is today being spent in tackling the constantly nagging worries. And the result of every human is that one’s performance at work is never up to the mark.

Science too has now accepted that constant pressure of anxieties can result in high blood pressure, heart trouble and several other ailments which can leave one a mental and physical wreck even before one has stepped into the middle age. Tensions, and not age, today decide whether a man has grown old or not. Yet in spite of the tremendous progress made by science there’s no medicine or treatment available for getting rid of this bugbear of worries. Physicians can’t do much except for suggesting a vacation and prescribing sleeping pills. And even psychiatrists start feeling dizzy and worn out after a long day of counselling.

Experts in the West facing this problem realized this long ago that science has no solution for this ever increasing problem that has led to irreparable physical and mental damage and even suicides. India too is now a prey to this monster thanks to the cut throat competition made even more ruthless by globalization. As a result the face of every man in office today looks listless, and creased with lines of worries. Even back at home there seems no respite what with mounting prices, crime and corruption.

Premature ageing, greying of hair, dark circles around the eyes, a dull look on the face, insomnia, drowsiness at work and a constant feeling of dread are clear symptoms of tensions preying on one’s mind, soul and body.

Soul ! yes this is the key to the problem. In our overly ambitious efforts we have neglected this very vital part of our existence and experts in the west have also concluded after much experimentation that faith or the power of the soul is the greatest healer. It’s faith which we lack today and regaining it can mean charging up one’s mind and body with necessary energy for successfully and easily tackling all problems of life and ensuring that they don’t leave any disturbances in their wake.

Tanaav Mukti Sadhana or the ritual for getting rid of tensions is one of the most power an unfailing faith healing practices from the field of spiritualism. In fact so amazingly efficacious it is that an ancient text Sankhyopnishad states that devoting at least five minutes in this Sadhana daily is just as essential as breathing in order to lead a healthy life.

From experience I can say that this is the best exercise for getting rid of tensions, for it is simple as well as short & just fifteen to twenty-five minutes daily for full effect. Exercises based on this very sadhana are being used in West with amazing results. Here the real sadhana is being revealed which any man or woman, child or adult can try. It involves the following steps:

1. Early morning have a bath, get into loose robes and sit peacefully in some open and airy isolated place.
2. Place a Tanaav Mukti Yantra (तनाव मुक्ति यंत्र) and picture of Gurudev before yourself.
3. Take a deep breath and chant OM (ॐ) as long as the breath lasts. Do this thrice.
4. Fix your gaze on the Yantra without blinking. Feel that the divine energy is flowing from the Yantra into your eyes.
5. If there’s irritation in the eyes, dab them with water and try again. Do this as long as you can but don’t stress yourself too much. This special yantra radiates subtle rays that shall still one’s mind.
6. One should not be disturbed by external noise, hence the atmosphere must be still and peaceful. Burn incense or light a ghee lamp to heighten the divine effect.
7. Chant the manta Om Soham Om (ॐ सोऽहं ॐ) loud and clear for five minutes continuously.
8. After five minutes of Traatak (fix gazing) on the Yantra again chant the Mantra for five minutes.
9. Everyone should use a separate Yantra, for a spiritual link is formed between the Sadhak and his / her Yantra and using someone else’s Yantra would not produce the result.
10. Twelve minutes of Traatak is the climax of this exercise. Hence daily increase your limit till you are able to look unblinkingly for this duration.

One thus needs just fifteen (in the beginning) to twenty five (full limit) minutes daily. The Yantra shall work as a unique link between you and divine energy from the Omnipresent. It shall absorb this soothing power and pour it into you through the medium of your eyes.

Through daily exercise of this ritual, one is not able to get rid of worries rather if one’s concentration is perfect very soon one’s aura starts to expand till others are able to notice a divine change in one’s looks. One is also able to tap all of one’s creative energy besides overcoming physical problems. Even when travelling one can carry the Yantra and try the Sadhana whenever there’s a chance to do so. The Yantra, its Sadhana and the Mantra mentioned are splendid boons which can entirely transform your life. So why not give it a try?

Sadhana Articles – Rs. 410
For more details contact –

Pracheen Mantra Yantra Vigyan, Jodhpur
1-C, Panchavati Colony,
In Front of N.C.C. Ground,
Ratanada, Jodhpur – 342011(Rajasthan)
Phone: 0291-2517025
Fax: 0291-2517028

(from Pracheen Mantra Yantra Vigyan - May 2013 Issue, 71-72 pp.)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Meeting Dates of Revered Sadgurudev at Kailash Siddhashram, Delhi in May 2013

Date: 10, 11, 12 May, 2013

Venue: Kailash Siddhashram, 46, Kapil Vihar, Pitampura, New Delhi-110034

Phone : 011-27351006