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Ramalay Vijayshree Shiv Lakshmi Sadhana Mahotsav - Rameshwaram (Tamil Nadu)

Date: 14, 15 March, 2015

Venue: Satsang Bhawan, Goswami Mutt - 2, Near Sita Tirth, RAMESHWARAM (Tamil Nadu)

Organiser: Chennai - Vishwanath 9791039300, Bharath 9840023152, Murali 9176606736, Balaji R. 9940149090, Balaji S. 9789090679, Jaygeet Gopal 9176671700, Seenu 9381015917, Sheeba 9940031001, Ram Prabhu 9941990586, Ganesh M. 9902394000, Shreedharan 9500177176, Bengaluru - Chandaran Damodaran 9845041395, Arool 9886701768, Daiba Jani 78909010, Hyderabad - Ishwar Rajo 9246530369, Parth Sarathi 8125516292, Ramanna 8498066555, Satish 9866074772, Akola - Manish Mohan Lal Kanojiya 8888116747, Sambalpur - Dr. Sameer Naik 9861059324

Rameshwaram Jyotirling

Date: 14, 15 March, 2015

Venue: Satsang Bhawan, Goswami Mutt - 2, Near Sita Tirth, RAMESHWARAM (Tamil Nadu)

Rameshwaram Jyotirling - Ramanatha Swami - Lord of God Ram

A land of penance, devotion and the holiest Hindu pilgrimage
A place where great personalities like Rama, Krishna, Parshurama, Agasta, Arjuna etc. performed their penance.

Just as certain limbs of the body are purer than others, so are certain places on earth more sacred - some on account of their situations, some because of sparkling waters and others because of the association or habitation of saintly people.

The four pilgrimage sites (char dhaams) are also the sacred place among those few sacred places and are considered to be the favorite abodes of Lord Vishnu on earth. The four pilgrimages (tirthas) of the Char Dhaams are set at the cardinal points of the Indian subcontinent. In the North, the dhaam of Badrinath is in the Himalayas, in the West, Dwarka stands by the Arabian Sea; in the South Rameshwaram is an island at the point where the Indian Ocean touches the Indian shores. All four have temples dedicated to either Vishnu or to one of his incarnations. Badrinath is a Vishnu temple, Dwarka worships Lord Krishna, Puri is the tirtha of Krishna as Jagannatha and Rameshwaram has temples dedicated to Lord Rama.

In Rameshwaram stands the Ramanathaswamy Temple dedicated to Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Vishnu and is one of the jewels of Dravidian temple architecture. Rameshwaram is an island along the Coromandel Coast of Tamil Nadu. It is located in the Ramnad District and the nearest town on the mainland is Ramanathapuram. Rameshwaram is the Southern most pilgrimage (Dhaam) of Lord Vishnu. This sacred island is located at the southern-most tip of the Indian peninsula and it is the place where the Indian Ocean touches the Indian subcontinent. Many pilgrimages in India are situated at the confluence of various rivers like Prayagraj in Allahabad at the confluence at Ganga and Yamuna, DevPrayag at the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda etc. What is unique about Rameshwaram is that like many pilgrimage, the island is also at the confluence but this time of oceans instead of rivers. Like all the dhaams, Rameshwaram too is connected to Vishnu, in this case through his Seventh incarnation of Rama. Rameshwaram is an island in the Gulf of Mannar in the Bay of Bengal and Sri Lanka is just across the bay. This island is shaped like a conch and the devout believe it resembles the panchjanya shankha that Lord Vishnu holds in his hand.

Rameshwaram is very pious place and interestingly the earliest mention of this place is found in Buddhists texts. It says that Emperor Ashoka came to Rameshwaram on a pilgrimage. In Mahabharata, this place has been mentioned as the greatest pilgrimage of the land. It is also true that during the period of his penance, Arjuna visited various pilgrimages of Southern part of India and Rameshwaram was one of those. Some Puranas mentioned that Balarama, the elder brother of Lord Krishna while on a pilgrimage to the South, visited Venkatagiri, Madurai and had a bath in the sea at the Setu. Legends say that Rameshwaram was visited by sages like Agastya,Dharmaraja and Parshurama.

Wandering around the temple precincts, one can discover some exquisite works of sculpture on the walls and pillars. The temple sings to the glories of Shiva and all across the complex there are innumerable depictions of the various forms of God. These icons reflect many aspects of this volatile, moody and many faceted deity, depicted in the saumya, roudra and shanta forms - his moods of gentleness, anger and serenity.

Here He is Nataraja, the Lord of the Dance, as he dances the tandava in an aureole of flames. He is the unification of purusha and prakriti as half Shiva and half Parvati in the Ardhanarisvara aspect. As the angry Tripurantaka, He is the warrior holding a tall bow, who destroyed three demon cities with just a single arrow. As the serene Dakshinamurti, Shiva is the cosmic teacher. He sits under the peepal tree facing South, surrounded by sages listening to his wise words.

As the handsome Chandrashekhara, Shiva wears the crescent moon on his brow. As Hari Hara He is half Shiva and half Vishnu. As Bhikshatana, the great yogi is in the compassionate aspect of an ascetic sadhu. As the angry Bhairava, He is the fierce God who beheaded Daksha. As Somaskanda He is the king of Gods, seated in a royal dress with His wife Parvati and son Skanda or Kartikeya beside Him. Similarly, there are carvings of many aspects of Vishnu and Devi in various sections of the complex.

All these traits of Lord Shiva are essential for every human being. Lord Shiva is the only God who lives a perfect householder's life. His family is complete with his wife Goddess Parvati and two sons Kartikeya and Ganesha. He is the God who can grant any boon yet He Himself lives happily in graveyard. He is accompanied by various ghosts, He wears venomous snakes around His neck, He just wears a lion cloth though all the worldly pleasures remains at His feet. When He is angry, no one dares to stand before Him and when He is in a joyful mood, He can bestow any boon to His devotees. When He is in an overjoyed mood, He dances as Nataraja, the creator of dance. When He is in utter anger, His dance is good enough to demolish this entire universe.

The Chandrashekhara form of Lord Shiva gives beauty to every man and when worshiped with His other half, they bestow a blessed family life. In the Bhairava form, He is the savior of all His devotees and drives away their enemies. As Vaidyanatha, He cures all the diseases of any person. And when worshipped as Ramanatha, He even abolishes the sins of His devotees.

Who doesn't wish to live a blessed life, who doesn't want to live a peaceful life? However all this can happen only by the grace of Lord Shiva and Guru. To achieve such a divinity in life, to achieve a state where no one can harm us, to achieve a state where we remain calm and peaceful in any circumstances, it is necessary to seek the blessings of the Divine Guru, who Himself is a form of Lord Shiva.

Blessed would be those who are going to be a part of this shivir and who would perform various divine activities under the guidance of Gurudev on this holy land. All those who wish to make their life worthy, all those who are keen to make their life better, all those who wish to make their mark in history would surely come and participate in this great event.

Gurudevji is early waiting to meet all of us and to guide us like Lord Shiva. We pray to Gurudev that may this Rameshwaram shivir fulfill all our desires, remove hurdles and pains from our life, eradicate poverty from our lives, give us health and relieve us from all the sins. As a disciple all we can do is to reach near You and surrender ourselves in your holy feet....

Rameshwaram Dhanpradata Shiv-Gouri Sadhana Mahotsav - RAMESHWARAM

Date: 14, 15 March, 2015

Venue: Satsang Bhawan, Goswami Mutt - 2, Near Sita Tirth, RAMESHWARAM (Tamil Nadu)

Dwadasa Jyotirling Stuti:

Rameshwaram Holiest Pilgrimage
Rameshwaram shrine is one of the holiest pilgrims of Hindus and is among the Char Dhaams (four divine sites) comprising of Badrinath, Puri, Dwarka and Rameshwaram. Rameshwaram is an island, which is in the shape of a conch. Its importance has been mentioned in the Skandha Purana and Shivapurana. Ramanathaswamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is the temple with the longest corridor among all Hindu temples in India. It enjoys reverence akin to Banaras. It is believed that one can’t attain ‘nirvaan’ without a visit to this place. Mythologically, this is the place where Lord Ram worshipped Lord Shiva to cleanse away the sin of killing Ravana (Ravana was a Brahmin and killing a Brahmin is considered a sin). Rameshwaram is therefore a holy pilgrimage for Vaishnavites and Shaivites alike. This temple is one of the holiest Hindu temples.

Spiritual Significance – Rameshwaram
If one lies down on bank and sticks the sand on the body, the number of as many sand particles would absolve as many Brahmahatya (killing a Brahmin) sins. The touch of the wind on one’s body from the mid-banks of Setu would pardon ten thousand ‘Surapanaas’(drinking alcohol). One can take an oath on behalf of someone and then taking a dip in the sacred water will relieve a person of all his sins.

Historical Significance – Rameshwaram
Following king Dasharatha’s wish, Lord Shri Ram, Devi Sita and Lakshman consigned themselves to the Dandakaranya forest for fourteen years. When residing at a hermitage in Panchavati, the demon king Ravana tricked and abducted Devi Sita. He held her captive in Ashokavana in Lanka – the present day Srilanka. Rama and Lakshmana reached Kishkindha in search of Devi Sita, where they made Hanuman and Sugriva as their friends. The latter was helped by Rama to kill Bali and made him the king of Kishkindha. A huge search for Devi Sita was organized by the vaanaras in which Hanuman having reached southern seashore at Rameshwaram, jumped across the ocean, and met Devi Sita at Ashokavana. After finding Devi Sita in captivity in a garden, Hanuman reveals his identity to her, reassures her that Lord Rama has been looking for her, and uplifted her spirits. Hanuman returned back to Rama and gave the news of Sita’s whereabouts. Rama, Lakshmana, Sugriva, Hanuman, Jambavan and other great warriors of vaanaras reached the seashore of Rameshwaram.

Rama prayed to Samudra Deva (God of Ocean) for three days but grew angry since he did not respond. As Rama took his bow and arrow to punish Samudra Deva, Samudra Deva appeared and agreed to help Rama. Nala constructed a bridge using stones and boulders across the ocean. Thus commenced the ‘Setu Bandhan’ with the help of any material including trees, plants, flowers, and even grass thrown into the deep waters by Nala and soon enough a remarkable bridge was planned right across the Ocean. Lord Shri Rama determined an excellent ‘muhurat’(auspicious time) for Ganesh Puja and Maheshwara Puja at the Devipatnam Nagar. The Setubandhan mantra recited by all those involved in the building of it is as follows:

Raghuvira padanyasa Pavitrikruta Pamsavey,
Dasakantha siraccheda hetavey Setavey
Namah Ketavey Ramachandrasya moksha
Maargonka hetavey, Sitaayaa maanasambhoja
Bhaanavey Setava namah

This Place has become sacred with the dust of Shri Ram’s feet; this Setu is the one being constructed to devastate the ten heads of Ravanasura; this is the Ketu (dhwaja or flag symbol) being built as the proof of ‘Moksha Sadhana’or the Route to Salvation, Shri Rama’s universal distinction and Devi Sita’s happiness like the opening of her lotus like heart with Surya Deva’s high radiance. Our greetings to this immortal Setu!

Starting the task of Setu Bandhan, the construction was accomplished within five days. Rameshwaram Maha Linga is the most hallowed Parameshwara linga established by Lord Rama and Devi Sita for the twin reasons of freeing them from sins of brahma hatya dosha (killing Ravana) and also to show their gratitude and veneration to Mahadeva.

In consultation with Maha Munis, Lord Rama decided to consecrate Rameshwara Linga at the most auspicious ‘Muhurat’ and requested Hanuman to bring the Linga from Mahadeva at Kailash Mountain. Hanuman raced to Kailasa by the sky route in a second time but could not secure Shiva Darshan fast and had to meditate Mahadeva for days together. Finally, Mahadeva blessed Rameshwara Linga and without loss of time Hanuman came back to Rameshwaram. However Hanuman could not arrive before the auspicious muhurat and hence Devi Sita prepared a Shiva Linga out of the ocean sand. Lord Rama established the sand linga by performing abhisheks amid recitals of vedas and other appropriate mantras by the holy waters from Koti Tirtha. In order that Hanuman should not feel disappointed, Shri Rama placed Hanumadiswara Linga and announced that devotees should have to see this Linga even before they worship Rameshwar Linga.

Rameshwaram Temple and other places of Interest
The Rameshwaram temple was built by many kings and is very famous for its sculptural beauty. The third corridor is the longest corridor in the world. Twenty two different tirthas are present inside the temple. Each of these tirthas is fresh water spring near to an ocean bed which in itself is a miracle.
There are total 22 tirthas (wells) in this temple and it is believed that taking a bath from the water of these wells helps one to get rid of all the sins as well as diseases in life. The most important ones are Chakra Tirtha, Betala Varada Tirtha and Paapavinashana Tirtha. Then there are Sitasarovar Tirtha, Mangala Tirtha and Amritavaapika, Brahmakund, Hanumankund, Agasthya Tirtha, Rama Tirtha, Lakshmana Tirtha, Jaya Tirtha, Lakshmi Tirtha, Agni Tirtha, Chakra Tirtha, Shiva Tirtha, Shankha Tirtha, Yamuna Tirtha, Ganga Tirtha, Gaya Tirtha, Koti Tirtha, Saadhyamrita Tirtha, Maanasa Tirtha and Dhanushkodi Tirtha.

Rules of Attending this Shivir
  1. Various spiritual activities will be performed on 14th March 2015 under the guidance of Gurudev after completion of Aarti on Rameshwaram Shivghat which lies on the bank of Indian Ocean.
  2. Swa Rudrabhisheka will be performed on 15th March 2015 to eradicate poverty, illness, untimely death consequences and misfortunes from the life.
  3. Yoga, pranayama, mantra recitation, sadhana, bhajans etc. will be performed daily.
  4. You should make sure that instead of roaming around after the Shivir, you should go back directly to home on the morning of 16th March, 2015 and recite the Mantra provided by Gurudev for getting the best results of your Sadhanas or Diksha.
  5. Registration cost of the Shivir is Rs. 5100/- (Rupees Five Thousand One Hundred Only). You can deposit this amount by yourself in account number 31763681638 in the name of Pracheen Mantra Yantra Vigyan, State Bank of India, U.I.T., Jodhpur account.
  6. If amount is directly deposited in the account, then it is advisable to send the PAY IN SLIP to Jodhpur Office or if the transfer is made online, then you can forward the amount transfer SMS.
  7. Please contact the Jodhpur office on the following landline numbers 0291-2517025, 0291-2517028 or on mobile numbers 07568939648 or 08769442398 for more details regarding the Shivir.
  8. Lodging and food arrangements will be made for registered disciples only. Lodging will be provided in DORMITORY / HALL only.
  9. Mothers / sisters / daughters should not come alone.
  10. It is also recommended that only physically fit person should attend this Shivir.
  11. It is necessary to reach Rameshwaram by 14th March 2015 morning.

All Major City connected by train to Madurai & Rameshwaram.

As mentioned above, Rameshwaram is one of the most holy pilgrimages of the Hindus and it is also said that one who visits this place get rid of all the sins. Without any doubt, it is also true that only a fortunate person can get Dikshas or Sadhanas on such holy land. It is our good fortune that we are getting such a golden opportunity in life to go to such a divine land under the guidance of Sadgurudev and we should grab this opportunity with our both hands.

Each registered Sadhak will be initiated by Gurudev Shri Kailash Chandra Shrimali with Shakshi Vinayak Diksha and Kaalbhairav Shaktipaat Diksha. To get completeness, prosperity, opulence, Hawan, Pujan, Rudraabhishek, Darshan at RAMESHWARAM JYOTIRLINGAM, Holy bath at 22 Kunds (Wells) is also organised.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Durgati Vinashak Ganpati Shakti Diksha Mahotsav - Dadar (West)

Date: 8 March, 2015

Venue: Brahmin Sewa Mandal, Bhawani Shankar Road, Near Kabutar Khana, Dadar (West), Mumbai (at a distance of only 2 minutes from Dadar Station)

Organiser: Vrindavan Gupta 09819053360, R.S. Rathore 9224903539, Ravi Salve 9224415429, Santosh 9321339369, Prarabdha Manjrekar 9819178778, Sushila 9029039332, Sudhir Sethiya, Ratnakar 8938657425, Chandrakant Mishra 9989660729, Nagsen 986721153, Jaiprakash Pal 9769827255, Bunty 98290568805, Natu Bhai 9320090040, Tulsi Mehto 9967163865, Hansraj 9769026451, Bapu Kamble 9619605053, Sailesh Joshi 9323775717, Sunil Singh 9987550857, Buddhiram Pandey 9819000414

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Nutan Jeevan Nirman Sadhana Mahotsav - Kalyan (West)

Date: 7 March, 2015

Venue: B-401, Devdarshan, Adeshwar Park, Near Fortis / Wokhard Hospital, Kalyan Sheel Road, Kalyan (West), Mumbai ( at a distance of only 10 minutes from Kalyan Station)

Organiser: Snehlata Behan 09321473730, Dinesh 9323139860, Anil Kumbhare 9819927898, Dr. Ravindra 9833514917, Tara 8767661887, Dr. Pathak 9423369984, Yogita 9326116161, Abha 749826479, Vijesh 9764641638, Vilaas Patil 9967913877, Kajal Jagyaasi 9324535295, Roshan 9987560823, Vipul 9673211595, Vinod Nihlaani 9326032196

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Navniddhi Asht Siddhi Holika Sadhana Mahotsav - Jodhpur

Dates: 4, 5 March 2015

Address: Kailash Siddhashram Jodhpur
1-C, Panchavati Colony,
In Front of N.C.C. Ground,
Ratananda, Jodhpur - 342011 (Rajasthan)

Phone:0291-2517025, 0291-2517028

Mobile: 07568939648, 08769442398

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Schedule of Sadhana Shivirs to be held in the Month of March 2015

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Shivgauri Jyotirling Swaroop Shakti Mahashivratri Mahotsav - Amarkantak

Date: 15, 16, 17 February, 2015

Venue: Jyotirling Narmada Udgam Sthal (Originating Place of Jyotirling Narmada), Kailash Dham, Amarkantak (Madhya Pradesh)

Organiser: Rajnagar - K.K. Chandra 9303127059, 8120193307, 9425898269, A.N. Yadav 9300317266, Ravishankar Tiwari 9425898233, Nakul Tiwari 9301287364, N.P. Singh 9669527471, Satyanarayan Yadav 9301882436, Ramkumar 9300275805, Ramgais Chauhan 7828740949, Shankar Kashyap, A.K. Trivedi 9300648863, M.L. Chaure 9425534021, Ramkripal Singh 9329896693, T.R. Verma 9754159311, Lakshman Yadav 9424335275, Ram Pravesh Yadav 9303889713, Rampyare Nikhil 8817276116, Tarun Srivastav 9589321056, Kripashankar, Tribhuvan, Dilip Singh 9302961386, S.K. Urmaliya 076697067900, B.K. Goswami 9301562848, Bijuri - Mallay Saha 9329453491, Manish Goinka 9424252777, J.N. Singh 9424252717, Rajbhan Singh 9302785934, Ashok Verma 9303136183, Ram Singh 94070006840, Kanhaiya Patil 9329739495, Rambhan Yadav 9301312774, Sundar Singh 9827813441, Rajinder Yadav, Kacharu Devangan 9300204147, L.K. Ghosh 9827847090, Khongapani - Manglu Dheevar 9406132040, Rammurat Singh 8885513021, Virender Prasad Kurre 9300825464, Joginder Singh 9424253170, Sundarlal Rajak 7479086164, Yashoda Bai 8817276853, Geetaram Kurre 9753588001, Lalva Rawat 9669358973, Arvind Shrivastav 7587390076, Kamala Kol 9575903794, Joginder Kurre 8602990930, Chandan Singh 9907269536, Anantram Namdev 8817558165, Mohan Lal Mishr 933489900, Ramnarayan Singh 9165286050, Krishna Khare, Jamuna - Ramraj Bind 8982257344, Avdhesh Khare 9893823196, Ramesh Rathore 9993461195, H.D. Mogre 9893439552, Mohan Paav 9424353547, Sudarshan Shaha 9893465269, Ramshiromani Gautam 9893735387, Vijaykant Sharma 9179604687, Kotama - Sanjeev Sharma 9479517490, Naresh Sharma 98930798444, Lalit Sahu 9993205283, Manendergarh - D.R. Lader 9406089505, Anil Singh 9826757873, Suresh Agarwal 9425255043, Manjeet Singh 9300531564, Ramkishan Soni 9617935808, Ganga Yadav 9424252697, Arvind Shrivastav 9300544110, Ambikapur - J.P. Devangan 9826878636, Vivek Shrivastav 9826519569, Rajkumar Yadav 9926138808, Anil Tamrakar 986602439, Murlidhar Pandey, Anooppur - Vijay Patel 9893958847, Shobha Singh Penddro, Dilharan Vastrakar 9993714503, Marvaahi / Paraasi - Rambhuvan Shrivastav 9406387982, Balram Kewat 9636364250, Durga Prasad Kewat 9301126393, Mangli Prasad Prajapati 9329952573, Brajesh Kumar 9977942955, Budhar - Anurag Diwedi 9826612023, Bhagwan Swaroop Yadav 9669364069, Ganesh Yadav 9617661169, Shahdol - Rajesh Sondhia 9406757636, Deepankar Chaterjee 9752442305, Birender Shrivastav 9993692361, Umakant Verma 9329843290, Jitender Shrivastav 9425471640, Gokul Shrivas 07652245004, Vimlesh Singh 9893078251, Chirmiri - Shyam Sundar 9424255668, Ganesh Tiwari 9926169170, Vishnu Prasad 8959793827, Mehatram Banjaare 9039260964, Balroop Das 9424754392, Jhagrakhaand Kshetra - Vikesh Shrivastav 9301360325, Lakshman Prasad 9407683003, R.K. Khare 9425583237, Pandra Road - S.S. Kanwar 9424286104, K.D. Darshyamkar 99072517171, S.D. Namdev 9424159331, Shankar Mudliyaar 9407676128, J.S. Tiwari 9424160234, Deepak Agarwal 9424151199, Birshingpur Pali - Ashok Tiwari 9425839743, Girija Shankar 9770944892, Golu Singh 9407325263, Umaria - A.P. Singh 9425472557,  Vinod Karn 9926520226, A.P. Mishra 9425824199, Anand Shrivastav 9424754670, Vinod Verma 9303572883, Katni - S.P. Singh 09179204555, Vinod Patel - 989368472, Arjun Patel 9300835620, Dr. Chatrpal Singh 9907261301, Pushpender Singh 9755484366, Vinod Singh 9713813102, Jagdish Gupta 8827665510, Jabalpur - Vinod Jarauliya 9303944355, Vijay Joshi 9300879776, Nitin Dubey 9826542287, Balmiki Kushwaha 9424658643, Dr. Ranu Rathore 08815020135, Suryakant Mishra 9575285859, Ganesh Vishwakarma 7879171873, Manish Pradhan 9300231129, Radha Gupta 9424475254, Sharda Devi 9301262958, Reeva - Shivender Singh 9827293100, Santosh Verma 9424354275, Sanjay Sharma 9755428776, S.S. Singh 09755440135, Shailender Sharma 8435928989, Brajesh Tripathi 9479374149, S.P. Mishra 9229619916, Raigarh - Gulab Modi 9039870422, 9826130684, Bilaspur - Yogender Shrivastav 9993755576, R.R. Sahu 9424160873, Ajay, Narayan Sonwani, R.K. Patel, Raipur - Suresh Sahu 9752061509, Vinay Pandey, Kalpana Shah, Durg - Sonia Nikhil 9754366488, Ramesh Sahu, Shivram Sahu, Shailender Parkar