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Surya Sammohan Sadhana

Any Sunday

Magnetize Yourself!

Once Lord Krishna, then a disciple under the great Sadguru Sandeepan, was seated at the feet of the Guru and massaging his feet. He took great pleasure in serving the Master and did so with love and devotion. The Master lay reclining peacefully.

Suddenly there was a commotion and turning his eyes Krishna saw a deer jump over the hedge around the Ashram closely followed by a tiger. Lord Krishna realized the peril in which the deer was and knew that in another moment the tiger would be upon its prey. But then something quite unexpected happened.

As soon as the tiger too jumped over the hedge and entered the Ashram precincts it underwent a remarkable change and it approached the deer like a harmless lamb and started to lick it playfully. Soon the two were playing and gamboling about like old friends.

Lord Krishna sat their unmoved, completely hypnotized by the scene. His fingers no longer moved over the feet of his Master. The Guru opened his eyes and look in the remarkable scene. Then he laughed lightly seeing Krishna sitting there completely dumbstruck.

“Gurudev what’s this?” Krishna could not help asking.

The great Guru replied, “This whole Ashram is under the powerful sway of Surya Sammohan Sadhana (Hypnotic Sadhana of the Sun). No one who enters this Ashram can remain unaffected by this mesmerizing charm. That’s why even the tiger has forgotten its inherent cruel streak and became so docile.”

Continuing further the Guru said, “In your later life you will have to face a lot of opposition Krishna. You will have many powerful and dangerous adversaries. You should accomplish this Sadhana so that they could not harm you.”

And Lord Krishna did accomplish this Sadhana and through its power he was able to enchant even the staunchest of his foes.

Presented here is this very Sadhana which is a must for everyone today who desires to achieve success and fame in life or who faces virtually invincible adversaries in his or her field of work. For those in areas like politics this ritual is a real boon for through it one could even influence the masses in one’s favor. However a word of caution. No Sadhana or the power of hypnotism can be used for harming others. Any such attempt would earn Divine wrath and lead to one’s own downfall.

This amazing Sadhana can be started on any Sunday after 10 pm. Have a bath and wear pure white clothes and sit facing the east on a white mat. Cover a wooden seat with a white cloth and on it in a copper plate place a Sammohan Yantra. Offer vermilion, rice grains, flower petals on the Yantra. Then light a ghee lamp.

Then offer prayers to the Guru and chant one round of Guru Mantra. Next with a Mannik rosary chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra.

Om Hreem Surya Sammohay Hreem Om

Do this daily for 11 days. After the completion of the Sadhana drop all the articles in a river or pond.

This is a very wonderful boon from our Rishis who devised such rituals for the good of the common man. Through it one could bring about a favorable change in the attitude of one’s adversaries and thus make the path to success and fame even smoother.

Sadhana Articles: Rs. 450/-

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